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H&B Disher Courier's Driver Of The Month

December 2008
"Keep Up The Good Work Don"

Don Gambacort, better known as "Gabby", is being recognized as December's "Driver of the Month".

Day in and day out Don does a great job for us and we would like to honour his commitment and performance by presenting him with a $50 gas card as "Driver of the Month". Don's professionalism, knowledge, experience and attitude are perfect examples of the type of driver that we want at Disher. Although drivers have been recognized in the past for their efforts this is the first "Driver of the Month" award presented.

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January 2009
Driver of the Month: Shawn Juma

January's "Driver of the Month" is Shawn Juma. Shawn, also known as "Scoop" because he "scoops" all the calls from the other drivers, is one of Disher's senior drivers. Shawn epitomizes what we want from a driver; he never complains, he always makes clients happy and consistently receives compliments from them. Shawn is extremely reliable, and we are proud to have him on our team. Disher would like to present Shawn with a $50 gas card in appreciation of his hard work, tenacity, and dependability. 

February 2009
Broker of the Month: Marcelo Barria

Marcelo Barria is our "Broker of the Month". Biker couriers as a whole are a strange breed. Although the bikers work for the courier companies they are actually a small community that exists within the downtown core. They are almost like a cult. You have to be a little crazy to be part of their group. Some days, just being out there is going above and beyond the call of duty. Rain, sleet, or snow, ha! Try -30 degrees Celcius wind chill or being "doored". Marcelo has been through it all with us.

Marcelo has been with us for a couple years now and has been by far the best biker we've had and keep in mind that at one time we had two bikers that won the male and female championship for the Toronto Bike Courier Race within the same year. Marcelo is a work horse and grinder. He's fast, reliable and knows the downtown core like the back of his hand. Our clients love him and our drivers trust him. He is one of the many reasons why Disher Courier is one of the best courier and logistics company in the GTA.

Thanks Marcelo. Would a $50 ESSO gas card work? LOL.

April 2009
Broker/Employee of the Month: Linda Ott

This month we've decided to combine our Broker of the Month award program with Employee of the Month. There are many reasons why, in our 23 year history, we've survived two other recessions, technology (the fax machine, email, etc.), the influx of the Big 3 (UPS, Fedex & Purolator) into the overnight market, the cut throat industry we were in the 90's and many other obstacles that were thrown our way. The main reason is the people we have on staff and on the roads servicing you.

Linda Ott is a perfect example of this. They don't come more dedicated to their work or more loyal to their company than Linda has for the past 18 years or so. She is proud of her work and is driven by her aspirations to please our clients. She is also the executive assistant of Roger and Colin and we would not be able to get half of what we get done without her.

Recently, Linda spent one of her evenings working closely with a Telus CSR to solve an ongoing problem we've had with our two way radios/GPS systems. The result was tremendous. They ended up cutting our monthly bill and will apply an additional discount to future invoices for the next 6 months for the grief we've been through. 

Congratulations Linda! Keep up the good work.

May 2009
Broker/Employee of the Month: Roland Superville

There are many reasons why Roland Superville is one of the top drivers with Disher Courier and the most senior in tenure. Roland is one of our most reliable and consistent drivers. He knows the city as well as anyone and is always thinking. But, most important of all, Roland is by far the most concientious driver in regards to his delivery due times. 

Delivery due times are important to our clients and more deliveries mean more money for our brokers as they work on commissions. This can be a conflict of interests for some drivers, but never for Roland. Getting his deliveries done on time is his priority and he displays this everyday with his deliveries and sometimes refusing deliveries if it jeopardizes his due times.

Congratulations Roland as May's "Broker/Employee of the Month", and thanks for making Disher Courier one of the top couriers in the GTA.

June 2009
Broker/Employee of the Month George Rasiah

Broker/Employee of the Month George Rasiah is probably the most reliable driver we have. Over the years George continues to be the most mistake free driver by far. He is also one of the easiest drivers to work with. George repeats all his dispatcher's instructions and is constantly in touch with his dispatch always informing us of his location.

George will notice things that most drivers don't. He recently had an order that had 15 boxes. Fourteen of the boxes were labelled to one address with one single box labelled slightly different. Same street name but instead of 66 Wellesley the one box was labelled 77 Wellesley. George noticed it and brought it to our attention. The client clarified the matter and all was well. Most drivers, most people would not have noticed this subtle difference.

For drivers to excel in this industry hustling is the name of the game and it becomes very easy to overlook things, not double check yourself leaving oneself open and vulnerable to mistakes. To excel, a driver must have a high level of focus, concentration, organization and good preparational skills (planning ahead). George has a PHD in focus and concentration.

George is one of the many reasons why our clients keep coming back and why they feel that we are # 1 in their hearts. George is our June Broker/Employee of the Month. You'll recognize George by his light blue Disher Courier golf shirt. Congratulations George and congratulatons as you are approaching your tenth anniversary with Disher Courier this September!

July 2009
Broker/Employee of the Month Rob Unus

Broker/Employee of the Month Rob Unus has only been with Disher Courier since mid Feb 2009, but in his short tenure he has proven himself to be a valued asset to us and our clients.

It is tough to find a well rounded driver that knows the city well, is very reliable, is a hustler and is willing to go the extra mile to keep our clients happy. Rob is all of this and throw in the fact that he is a smart guy that's always thinking and is one of the kindest and most respectful guys you'll ever meet, you can easily see why he has quickly risen to be one of our top drivers.

Rob, your efforts have not gone unnoticed and for this you have been selected July's Broker/Employee of the Month. Thanks for everything and keep up the great work.

August 2009
Broker/Employee of the Month: Kamal

Broker/Employee of the Month Originally from Trinidad, Kamal has been in Canada for 23 years and now resides in the Upper Beaches area of Toronto. As a proud father of three Kamal is used to running all over the city.

There are a few things that makes Kamal great at what he does and why he is one of the best. Kamal's in depth knowledge of the city is rivaled by few, his awareness of his surroundings (traffic), imagination in his routes (he's an artist), his ability to put his clients first and understanding that doing a great job is keeping your clients happy and the pride that he takes in his work.

There is a comforting feeling knowing that Kamal is on the job. Kamal has more than earned his stripes in the past four and a half years with Disher Courier. For this, we would like to thank him and congratulate him for being "Broker of the Month" for August.

September 2009
Broker/Employee of the Month: Amanda Strathdee

Broker/Employee of the Month: At 30, Amanda Strathdee is a smart cookie, cute (I can say that because she is my cousin) and while she looks like a push over she is as tough as they come. Amanda has a beautiful daughter, Noelle, and as a single mother she's had her fair share of bumps in the road. If I've learned anything about her in the past couple of years it is to not bet against her.

The key to Amanda's success, as one of our best drivers, is her higher than average intelligence and most importantly is her ability to remain focused at all times. The toughest part of being a courier is that you tend to carry out the same types of tasks and deliveries over and over again; however you must remain focused to prevent yourself form getting lulled into that false sense of security. We all know how stressful rush hour traffic can be. Try having to perform your job in rush hour while remaining focused on your tasks.

At any given time you can expect a curve ball to be thrown at you. If you cut corners and make assumptions or don't double check your work it will catch up to you. Amanda is proud of her abilities and she strives to make sure not to leave herself open to mistakes. I'm sure she prides herself when she catches a note that her dispatchers have missed and she is being sent at 10:00 for a 12:00 pick up, or to pick up a 4'x8' skid to throw in the back of her car (she even double checks her dispatchers).

Amanda is also a hustler. She is very aware of her due times and uses all her resources to make sure that they are met. When Amanda is in charge of your delivery you know you have someone that cares and that you have one of the best couriers not only at Disher but in the GTA. Congratulations Amanda, you are the Broker of the Month for September. Keep up the great work!

October 2009
Broker/Employee of the Month: Cheryl Catharine WoonSam-Alphonso

Broker/Employee of the Month: Cheryl Catharine WoonSam-Alphonso (try to say that in one breath) has been with Disher Courier since our family took over the management of the business in 1986. A proud mother of four (Tracy, Shandor, Arron and Chelsea) Cheryl has dedicated her life to her kids. She resides with husband Wayne in Orangeville and as a hockey mom she has spent many a days in hockey arenas all over Ontario and parts of the US.

As one of my 2 baby sisters I've been watching out for Cheryl for a long time, but for the past number of years it seems like there is more of her watching out for me than me for her. When it comes to her job, Cheryl is a perfectionist and is completely dedicated when the job needs to get done. I'm not sure if she gets more satisfaction out of noticing my mistakes because of her pride in her work or because of the fact it was my mistake; even if it is only a few times a year.

With our great team of CSR's our clients feel totally secure and confident knowing that Cheryl is part of the team handling their orders. She is overly meticulous and over the years she has shown that with her on the job you are guaranteed that it will be done right.

It's nice knowing that people with Cheryl's qualities are looking after our clients, but it's also nice knowing that she is always looking for ways to improve our systems. She is very observant and is innovative in her way of thinking. She asks a lot of questions and then comes up with solutions.

It is these qualities and her business savvy thinking, that makes Cheryl a great asset to our team and our Employee of the Month. Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Disher Courier's Employee of the YEAR!!!
Broker/Employee of the YEAR: Mohamed Jama

Broker/Employee of the YEAR: Mohamed Jama affectionally known as Mojo, is the epitome of what you would want in any employee. As a father of 5 and with lovely wife Hodan, they are indeed a very busy family, but yet he remains committed to Disher Courier. Hmmm, father of 5, very busy, lovely wife, sounds all too familiar.

Mojo handles a variety of duties for us. He is a dispatcher, a CSR, works on site at some client locations handling shipping duties and will even do the odd delivery whenever necessary. His versatility is a huge plus for us but may not be his greatest asset.

With his pride in his work and complete understanding of our clients needs, Mojo provides extraordinary customer service that is quite noticeable to anyone that deals with him. We love him and our clients adore him, but yet this still may not be his greatest asset.

Mojo's undaunted loyalty to me, my brother and our clients has been by far his most important and greatest asset displayed over the years. I swear, he would take a bullet for me if I asked him and it would be without any hesitation or complaints.

Without question, Mojo is one of our most valued employees and is a big part of the success and longevity of Disher Courier. I am proud to have him at my side and it is my pleasure to honour Mohamed Jama as the Employee/Broker of the Year for 2009. Thanks for everything Mojo!

May 2010
Outstanding Broker/Employee: David Sousa

Outstanding Broker/Employee: David Sousa has been with Disher for less than a year but has already established himself as one of the most reliable, energetic and happy drivers in our fleet. This winning combination is ultimately what Disher and our clients are looking for.

David is there whenever we need him (early mornings, late nights and weekends), he rarely takes any time off and when there is a time sensitive delivery/run we know that your deliveries are in good hands. That's Reliability with a capital "R".

One client made a comment about David stating "Your happy energetic young man just took the packages .... He's always pleasant." This is the type of people that we're looking for to join our firm. When clients notice what you do and make it a point to mention it you're doing something right and making a difference.

It's not easy to find a driver with David's qualities and in a short space of time he has become a very valuable part of the Disher team. For this I congratulate David as the "Outstanding Broker/Employee" for the second quarter of 2010. Thanks for your efforts David and keep up the great work.


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