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Newsletter January 2009

Disher Courier Newsletter
Your Courier Source  January 2009 
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Did You Know?
Four Steps You Need to Take Charge of Your Life!
Disher Courier - ISO Certified Courier
Paramount Canada's Wonderland
Did You Know?
  • A diamond will break if you hit it with a hammer!
  • A diamond is the hardest natural substance on earth, but if it is placed in an oven and the temperature is raised to about 763 degrees Celsius (1405 degrees Fahrenheit), it will simply vanish, without even ash remaining.
  • The world's largest diamond was the Cullinan, found in South Africa in 1905. It weighed 3,106.75 carats uncut.
  • Diamond is the birthstone for April and the anniversary gem for the 10th and 60th years of marriage.
  • Diamonds actually are found in fair abundance; thousands are mined every year. 80% of them are not suitable for jewelry - they are used in industry.

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Four Steps You Need to Take Charge of Your Life!

Are you overwhelmed at work or home, or worse yet at both work and home? Do you feel that your job is running you rather than you being able to take charge of it? Understanding your style of time management and identifying what is most important to you may help you to move beyond some of these barriers.
First, think about what your work style is, and look at what does and doesn't work for you. Often we, better than anyone else, know what is or isn't working. Taking a look in the proverbial mirror is often the first place to start to understand what is and what isn't working for us. Are you a procrastinator, a perfectionist, or are you unable to delegate to others? If you don't know where to start in assessing your organizational strengths and weaknesses, start out by asking and observing some of the most organized people that you know.
Second, ask yourself how you set priorities? Setting priorities is one of the most key components of being organized. If the alarm clock doesn't go off on time, often the rest of the day feels off balance. Identify tasks that need to be completed immediately versus the less important tasks. While many of us like to feel that keeping a mental list will work, creating a written list will often help you to prioritize more effectively. It can also help to reduce stress by helping you to juggle tasks.
Third, how does your organization style work with your current job? You may be an organized person, but you, like many people, may find yourself frequently overwhelmed by tasks. You may need to revisit your day-to-day organization style. For example, list returning calls and reading e-mail on your to do list. By identifying when you will complete these tasks rather than responding to the time line of others, you can identify and complete key tasks in an order that works for you.
Fourth, and most importantly, what are your priorities for work & home? If we take the time to identify what is most important in our personal and work lives, we will have more ability to shape and prioritize tasks. Setting priorities can help us to develop a road map for our lives and empower ourselves by identifying what is really important to us. We can schedule time to spend with our kids or grandkids as easily as scheduling a business meeting, if we understand what our priorities are and take time to plan them into our day.
Investing in developing your personal time management skills should help you to have more control over your time and your life. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your personal style is the first step. Identifying the key tasks that give your life more meaning is also a key step in motivating yourself to take control over how you use your time.
Author: Steven Keltsch

Disher Courier -
ISO Certified Courier
Disher Courier is proud to be one of the few courier companies in Toronto that is ISO certified. Toronto is a major national hub both for businesses within Canada and internationally, and it is, of course, a hotbed of courier activity. By becoming ISO certified, Disher has proven that we are operated in a professional and effective manner on a consistent basis. This is the sort of reassurance that large corporate customers need; especially when entrusting their goods into the hands of another company. The ISO certification is a brand that says to potential clients that we are a company that does business in a safe, effective and thorough manner. Obviously, this is a value beyond any other.
Disher courier has now been an ISO certified company for three years. In order to maintain that certification, the staff at Disher must follow all the guidelines as laid out by the ISO certification organization. In addition, all processes are thoroughly documented so that the ISO committee can see clearly just how we are doing business. This transparent method of doing business also ensures that everything is done and recorded appropriately. If there is ever a problem that occurs, it will be immediately documented. This makes it much easier for the management at Disher to go back and confer with their staff to ensure that it never happens again. Any company that never makes the same mistake twice is a company that is constantly improving. That is just one of the many advantages of what Disher offers. 
Disher Courier has recently started re-training our drivers on a monthly basis to ensure that they are all up to standard. This ensures that there is a safety and sound reliability factor with the Disher drivers that simply can't be replicated by any other company.
We Deliver Peace Of Mind! For all your courier and logistics needs, call Disher Courier at 905-450-3844.

"Keep Up The Good Work Don"
Don Gambacort, better known as "Gabby", is being recognized as December's "Driver of the Month". Day in and day out Don does a great job for us and we would like to honour his commitment and performance by presenting him with a $50 gas card as "Driver of the Month". Don's professionalism, knowledge, experience and attitude are perfect examples of the type of driver that we want at Disher. Although drivers have been recognized in the past for their efforts this is the first "Driver of the Month" award presented.
"A Warm Welcome to David Veri"
We welcome David Veri to join our family here at Disher Courier as a salesrep. As a friend and former client of Disher Courier, David joins us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in sales. David was with D'Angelo Brands for almost 5 years as VP Operations. David will be working closely with Roger Woon Sam and we would like to extend a warm welcome to David from the Disher family and wish him all the best.

Paramount Canada's Wonderland

Paramount Canada's Wonderland is one of the premier amusement attractions in the Greater Toronto area and is, in fact, the most popular amusement park in all of Canada. This theme park prides itself on having the greatest selection of rides in North America. They provide not only the best rides around, but are sure to offer enjoyable rides for people of all ages as well as accommodating for all personal tastes. They realize that not everyone wants to ride a death defying coaster of doom and so they have great family rides and rides for just the kids, not to mention a fantastic water park that people of all ages can enjoy. 
However, if rides that put your stomach in your throat are what you're looking for, you won't find a shortage of them at this park either. The park is home to the greatest selection of roller coasters in Canada; including the only flying coaster in the country, as well as the longest wooden coaster. In addition to these rides, there are amusement park staples, like a 230 foot drop tower, for the bravest riders around to attempt. 
For those coming with families that include small children, there are great children's themed rides focused around the most popular children's characters of the day, such as Dora the Explorer and the ever popular Sponge Bob. In addition, there are some great live entertainment shows and concerts that are suitable for all ages. This ensures that the park provides the perfect balance for everyone in Canada to enjoy, whether they are thrill seekers or families out to have a good time. 
For anyone visiting the Toronto area, Paramount Canada's Wonderland should be among the highest priorities on your list of attractions to visit. It's a one of a kind experience in this country that shouldn't be missed. Of course, there are great opportunities for the locals as well, such as season passes, which will allow individuals to enjoy everything that the park has to offer all season long.

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