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Newsletter May 2010

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Your Courier Source  May 2010
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The Big Five Personality Traits
Stay Healthy at Work

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Professional Courier Delivery Services
H & B Disher Courier is a Toronto based courier specializing in Mission Critical Service throughout Canada and North America with rush and same day delivery service in the GTA.

We have been delivering "Peace of Mind" for our clients since 1986. As an ISO 9001: 2000 QMS certified company we are proud of and stress the importance of "Complete service" to our clients. Delivering shipments on time is not where it ends for us.
Did You Know?

In Thailand it is illegal to leave your house if you are not wearing underwear.
In Australia only licensed electricians may change a light bulb
When a coffee seed is planted, it takes five years to yield it's first consumable fruit.
The highest point in Pennsylvania is lower than the lowest point in Colorado.
Crickets hear through their knees.
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Colin V Woon Sam
The Disher Team
Order Processing
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At Disher we use Courier Complete; the most innovative courier software solution that caters to our customers and allows for the most efficient order entry and processing system available.  We know how important it is for our customers to be informed and satisfied.  When working with us at Courier Complete, you can rest assured that you will have access to all of the information that you need in regards to your delivery.  From online order entry to real time tracking, we are convinced that Courier Complete software will benefit you as our customer.
Now with a "New Order Web" component, this software solution is bound to increase customer loyalty by improving your experience.  You are able to place each order, using your own address book.  While using your own address book is convenient, the autofill feature allows you to enter an address in as little as 3 keystrokes, allowing you to free up time and get back to working on your business.  Each screen is also customized specifically for you as a logged-in customer. 
With online order tracking, you can track your own packages with real-time proof of delivery (POD).  At a glance, you can see a summary of your recent orders. One click gives a specific order's complete details plus options for printing extra waybills or invoices.
Past invoices can also be retrieved more easily. The Web component provides detailed account information, including last-order details, sales-to-date, the account balance and payment history.
Finally, you can manage your own accounts and customize different aspects of the Web component to suit your needs.  
Outstanding Broker/Employee:
David Sousa has been with Disher for less than a year but has already established himself as one of the most reliable, energetic and happy drivers in our fleet. This winning combination is ultimately what Disher and our clients are looking for.
David is there whenever we need him (early mornings, late nights and weekends), he rarely takes any time off and when there is a time sensitive delivery/run we know that your deliveries are in good hands. That's Reliability with a capital "R".
One client made a comment about David stating "Your happy energetic young man just took the packages .... He's always pleasant." This is the type of people that we're looking for to join our firm. When clients notice what you do and make it a point to mention it you're doing something right and making a difference.
It's not easy to find a driver with David's qualities and in a short space of time he has become a very valuable part of the Disher team. For this I congratulate David as the "Outstanding Broker/Employee" for the second quarter of 2010. Thanks for your efforts David and keep up the great work.

We Deliver Peace of Mind! Call us at 1-800-463-1035 to schedule your courier service today!

The Big Five Personality Traits!'s a word that piques many an outdoorsman's interest, but in this article, it will represent a simple way to remember the big 5 personality traits in the form of an acronym. These traits can be used to determine where a person falls in terms of overall personality type. Most individuals fall somewhere in the middle, but there are individuals that may find themselves more towards the extreme end of a certain trait.
Below, you will find the 5 traits and a brief explanation of each of the extremes:
1.      Conscientiousness -
The conscientious individual values what the future holds and is extremely concerned with performing their day to day duties to ensure that their future is not marred with any unfinished business.  On the other hand, the unconscientious individual is much more spontaneous; some might even say sluggish or lazy.
2.      Agreeableness -
Agreeable individuals are more flexible and friendly, while disagreeable individuals are more competitive and more interested in climbing the ladder to success.
3.      Neuroticism -
Often referred to as "Emotional Stability", neuroticism describes just how much an individual displays negative emotions. Individuals that are neurotic generally display high levels of stress or anxiety, jealousy, anger, guilt, and depression, among other negatively perceived emotions.
4.      Openness to New Experiences
This personality factor determines how open a person is to new ideas and experiences. Individuals that are not very open often seem very practical, while those who are very open may seem daring or even somewhat of a risk taker.
5.      Extraversion
Extraverts are very social individuals, while introverts prefer spending time alone.
Did you see yourself in these categories? Some may have been a bit difficult to determine. If so, it's likely because you fall somewhere in the middle, as do many individuals.

Stay Healthy at Work

Evidently, sitting in an office chair in an office is no better than lying on the couch watching television.  Small changes in your daily work routine can help to burn calories and contribute to general improved overall health. With illnesses related to a sedentary lifestyle on the rise, it's important to make lifestyle choices during your work day that contribute to your improved health.  Many people have jobs that lend themselves to being inactive.
First (and you've probably heard this one before), choose to walk whenever possible.  Many office workers have scores of opportunities every day to take the stairs instead of the elevator.  It is sometimes quicker and, when done over the course of days and weeks, can make a huge difference in your weight on its own.  You can also choose to walk to a restaurant at lunch rather than taking your car or catching a cab.  If you drive to work, don't look for the closest spot to park.  Instead, consciously choose the spot that is further from the door.
Second, purposefully integrate a walk into your day!  Use your lunch hour to do some brisk walking. It's easier if you can recruit some friends to go with you.  Alternately, if you depend on public transportation, get off of that train, subway or bus a few stops early, and walk the last mile to or from work. 
Third, it's a cliché, but drinking lots of water can benefit your physical condition in many ways.  Studies have shown that office workers who drink water throughout the day rather than coffee tend to have better overall health and even lower body weight.  Water can improve your mood as well, since brain neurons need to be hydrated to fire properly!

Don't forget about the Disher Courier Online Order Entry System.  You can:
  • Place Orders Online
  • Download your Invoice
  • Track Your Package
  • Manage your Account Online
  • Get Electronic PODs (Proof of Deliveries) in your email
  • Email your customers' PODs automatically
Call us today for your online demo and free account set up.

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