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Newsletter August 2009

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Your Courier Source  August 2009 
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Disher Courier Next Flight Out Services
Outdoor Summer Entertaining
The Top 5 Places to Shop in Toronto

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How to Safely Pack Your items for Shipping

Ensure a safe arrival of your items by following these general packing tips. 
Choose a new box that is large and has enough space for the item and adequate cushioning or packing material.  Do NOT skimp on packing material.  One inch bubble wrap is great.  To avoid shifting while in transit, make sure to pack items tightly.  For a strong seal, use packing tape that is designed specifically for shipping and cover every seam, making sure not to leave open areas which might snag.

Did You Know?
  • Cows don't have upper front teeth
  • More movies are produced in India than in Hollywood
  • There are only thirteen blimps in the world. Nine of the thirteen blimps are in the United States.
  • If you stretch a standard Slinky out flat it measures 87 feet long.
  • The common goldfish is the only animal that can see both infra-red and ultra-violet light.
Dear Subscriber,
Every month Disher Courier wants to let you know what we're doing, what we're talking about and share some good news about the people of the Greater Toronto Area.  We hope you enjoy our words and hopefully learn something new!
Best Regards,
The Disher Team
Disher Courier Next Flight Out Services
nfoWhen you have a package that needs to get to its destination fast, take advantage of Disher Courier's NFO services. NFO stands for Next Flight Out, and is often the fastest way to get your package where it needs to go. When speed is essential for a delivery, ground delivery options are never going to even come close to matching the speed of air delivery, which is why Disher provides this expedited delivery option to all our clients. 
We work with our network of partners and airlines to provide NFO service. Once you place your order for NFO shipments, we will immediately find you the fastest possible flight time in order to get your package to its destination. Our dispatch and NFO schedulers will examine all possible flight options in order to find you the delivery solution that is going to get your package where it needs to go in the shortest amount of time possible.
At Disher Courier, our goal is to move your package through all stages of the shipment process as smoothly and rapidly as possible. This includes a rush pickup from your location to guarantee that the package gets to the airport in time to be loaded on the flight, as well as professional services to ensure that all paperwork is filled out correctly for an expedited movement through customs in case your NFO order is going to be shipping internationally. When the package arrives at its destination airport, a Disher agent will pickup and deliver it to its final destination and provide proof of delivery for the same.
NFO service can be utilized for any size shipment that can be shipped typically by air, starting from envelopes ranging up to large packages.

We Deliver Peace of Mind! Call us at 1-800-463-1035 to schedule your courier service today.
Broker/Employee of the Month
Rob Unus has only been with Disher Courier since mid Feb 2009, but in his short tenure he has proven himself to be a valued asset to us and our clients.

It is tough to find a well rounded driver that knows the city well, is very reliable, is a hustler and is willing to go the extra mile to keep our clients happy. Rob is all of this and throw in the fact that he is a smart guy that's always thinking and is one of the kindest and most respectful guys you'll ever meet, you can easily see why he has quickly risen to be one of our top drivers.

Rob, your efforts have not gone unnoticed and for this you have been selected July's Broker/Employee of the Month. Thanks for everything and keep up the great work.

Outdoor Summer Entertaining

PatioOne of the best parts of the summer can be getting to entertain some guests in your back yard, on your patio, or on your deck. This is something that a lot of people look forward to throughout all those cold and dreary winter months. However, there are some simple things that you can pick up in order to ensure that your summer months are spent relaxing and entertaining in comfort and style.
Usually when you're entertaining outdoors, this means that a lot of food and drinks are going to be passed around, which is why it's always nice to have a few of these things on hand. Citronella candles are one essential item for summer parties because they help to keep mosquitoes and other annoying insects away from the food, the table, and the guests! These come in regular candle form, but a nice touch can be to light them inside glass lanterns to give you some mood lighting for your backyard party.
Other essential outdoor party supplies include ample seating, (folding chairs or stacking chairs are nice because they can be easily stored without taking up too much space) and a place to keep drinks cool. A galvanized tub filled with ice works nicely.
And, of course, no summer party would be complete without the grill! Here's a tasty tip: Instead of making steaks, try making skewers from some marinated meat and vegetables instead. They taste great and are easier to eat outside in plastic lawn chairs than a steak might be.

The Top 5 Places to Shop in Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and, as such, has some of the best shopping in the country. Check out these hotspots to see some of the best of what Toronto has to offer.
- this is the shopping area where independent boutiques can rub elbows with Hugo Boss, where independent Canadian designers can rub shoulders with large brand name stores. Yorkville isn't cheap, but it's one of the most celebrity busy hotspots, which makes it an equally attractive tourist shopping spot.

Bloor St. - This is where the large designers come to live and where you'll find the names like Prada and Louis Vuitton. It's not all designer handbags here though. More affordable shopping options, like the Gap and H&M, are also available. Don't miss Holt Renfrew, THE upscale department store in Toronto.

Don Mills - This shopping area has been growing recently but is set up differently than traditional malls, with all the buildings being arranged more like a community than a connected mall. There are stores here that you can't find anywhere else in the city, like Anthropologie, and McNally Robinson.

Yonge & Dundas Square - this is the home to the Eaton center, which is surely the most famous shopping complex in the city. This is the shopping area that is all about mall chains and familiar faces as far as the store offerings go - and it's all here.

Queen West - For the independent and the trendsetters, it's all about Queen West. This is where you'll find designers BEFORE they're trendy, instead of after.
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