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Newsletter September 2008

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Your Courier Source  September 2008 
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Global Warming: Up Close and Personal
Our Featured Customer of the month: Wee Travel
The High-Rise World of Condos in Toronto
  • The tallest waterfalls in the world are Angel Falls in Venezuela. At 979 m (3,212 ft), they are 19 times taller than the Niagara Falls, or 3 times taller than the Empire State Building.
  • The Sahara desert expands at about 1km per month.
  • On average, 13,000 earthquakes are located each year.
  • All the planets in the solar system rotate anticlockwise, except Venus. It is the only planet that rotates clockwise.
  • Earth is slowing down - in a few million years there won't be a leap year.
  • The sun is 330,330 times larger than the earth.
  • The deepest point in the sea: the Mariana Trench off Guam in the Pacific Ocean; it is 10.9 km (6.77 miles) below sea level.

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Global Warming: Up Close and Personal

Global Warming
Are you concerned about the branch of biology, in relations of organisms to one another and their physical surroundings? Possibly you have no idea what that statement means. It's real simple: Eco-anxiety. It's more than the problems of longer summers or smoggy streets. It's our climate changing, gearing up for our own extinction.
Temperatures are on rise, especially to the north. In ten years, the North Pole may be underwater. I know, you are probably thinking, "But that's the Artic. Who cares?" I'm going to tell you something, I care.
The warning signs in the Artic and Antarctica have been available to us for many years. Explorers and scientists have been trying to tell anyone who will listen. But unless people start getting up close and personal, right now, time may run out.
I suppose you can take a dogsled to the North Pole and check things out for yourself. Maybe a politician or two could take a month traveling around Antarctica. Heck, even bring their families along. The kids would love not seeing any fruits or vegetables anywhere in sight.
Here are just a few things that can be discovered: Antarctica's sheet ice is important to the world's climate and sea level. There are remarkable food chains in the Southern Ocean. Antarctica is the most remote and untouched place on earth. (Coldest Desert in the World) And who can argue with the beauty of the Southern Lights, sparkling like Heaven.
Unfortunately, you will also discover some other things on your up close and personal journey. You will see melting glaciers. (Be careful not to fall through!) Ice caps won't be there for your photo pleasure. If you are going to take this trip, may I suggest you do it soon, because in ten to fifteen years, the North Pole will not be attainable.
Possibly, you can take an adventure somewhere a little closer to home. How about stepping outside? The weather is much more extreme these days, don't you think? How about the drastic change in seasons and rainfall? You can thank the greenhouse effect for tha; or Global Warming, depending on your mood.
There are tropical diseases, because mosquitoes and flies are not dying during cold weather. Why? Tropical regions are not having extended cold weather seasons.
The likelihood, magnitude, and timing of the most serious effects of Global Warming are debatable. 
You want to get up close and personal with Global Warming? How about knowing that are economic growth is being halted. Is that possible? Just ask New Orleans, Florida, and Texas about category-5 hurricanes knocking on their front door, destroying before they can even rebuild. Then flood from those hurricanes, travel across our country as tropical storms, still producing destructive wind shear. More rainfall, more erosion. More evaporation because of the heat, more storms.
But let's get real up close and personal. Katrina has cost the United States $81 billion. Andrew, $55 billion. And as I write this, Hurricane Ike is in the Gulf of Mexico, anxious to destroy our economy some more.
Can we rebuild? Sure we can. Can we save lives? Absolutely. Can we stop Global Warming?
Well, that's a personal question you may want to ask yourself.

Our Featured Customer of the month: Wee Travel

Wee TravelWee Travel ( is Canada's first baby equipment rental company. Wee Travel makes it easy for parents to travel lighter by providing the full range of hard-to-pack baby necessities. One of the owners, Lesley Cherry, was looking for a courier for car seat deliveries to the airport. This service was getting very expensive, and the company was not making any money at all. Lesley decided to give Disher Courier a call when she received a package delivered to her by Disher. Lesley stated "Disher Courier's experience is very evident in the way they handle my requests." Lesley is very impressed with Disher's level of professionalism. Disher's professional website enables Lesley to place her orders online easily and effortlessly. Their rates are very reasonable and Lesley is pleased to be able to pass on the savings to her customers.
Lesley describes her experience in the following words: "Roger, I just want to thank you for the great service you have been providing me with. I've used a number of couriers over the years, and I can't say I've ever been "wowed" before, but I am with you guys!!!"
Disher has been extremely accommodating and provides Lesley with non-smoking cars to transport baby equipment. Disher's couriers are always on time, very dependable and constantly in touch. She is blown away by the superior customer service that she receives. Overall, Lesley is very pleased because Disher maintains her reputation and gives her the sense of comfort that she has been looking for in a delivery partner!  

The High-Rise World of Condos in Toronto

CondosWhile the global real estate market continues to muddle through the malaise of tighter lending practices and falling home prices, the market for upscale condominiums has never been brighter. The swankest condo here in Toronto can be had for a cool $25 million. And it turns out that on the world stage that's considered a bargain.
For the ultra-wealthy who yearn for upscale condos in the midst of downtown city life with all its amenities, price is truly no object. And while London, Hong Kong, and New York demand premiums that some might consider staggering, Toronto is holding its own in the world of affluence. 
As the 10th most economically powerful city in the world, according to Forbes magazine, Toronto continues to draw wealth from around the globe, as well as those entities that seek to service the super rich. Currently, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Trump, and Shangri-La are each pursuing luxury projects to compete for this unique clientele. And, in fact, according to Urbanation, Toronto is now considered the most active condo market in North America.
In aggregate, this means that in the world of high-end condominiums that lure the richest of travelers and city dwellers, Toronto is considered a bargain on the international scene. And as the real estate market both here and abroad continues to falter, this should remain a credible draw for both the city and its upscale clientele.

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