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Newsletter September 2009

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Your Courier Source  September 2009 
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Direct Drive Deliveries from Disher Courier
Teachers Teaching Parents
Six Toronto Events

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Controlling Extra Charges
Our policy is to keep our clients in control of their deliveries at all times and that includes keeping them abreast of any extra charges incurred on the delivery.

For instance if there is a delay in pick up or delivering of an order a driver will notify dispatch immediately and inform them of the circumstances. At this point the dispatcher or one of the CSR's will contact the client and inform them of the situation. This allows our client to get involved if they choose and to possibly speed up the process minimizing any possible extra charges if incurred. The driver will wait the first 10 mins without any charges but after the 10 mins has passed the clock starts from the time the driver arrived.

Other potential charges that could be added to a delivery include weight, vehicle and wrong address. While there are other possible charges these are the most common and all are handled the same way with a call to the client making sure they are aware, avoiding any surprises in their invoices.
Did You Know?
  • Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying
  • The thin line of cloud that forms behind an aircraft at high altitudes is called a contrail
  • Air becomes liquid at about minus 190 degrees Celsius
  • There are more TV sets in the US than there are people in the UK
  • An atomic clock is accurate to within 1 second in 1,7 million years
Dear Subscriber,
Every month Disher Courier wants to let you know what we're doing, what we're talking about and share some good news about the people of the Greater Toronto Area.  We hope you enjoy our words and hopefully learn something new!
Best Regards,
The Disher Team
Direct Drive Deliveries from Disher Courier
VanDisher Courier has long been known for being able to provide our customer base with the specialized services that they require. We have been serving the GTA for many years now and we pride ourselves on offering an extensive array of different delivery options on our service lists; allowing our customers to always have a delivery option available that is perfect for their shipping needs.   
Our Direct Drive Deliveries service is growing in popularity due to the fact that this service is focused almost solely on each specific customer that orders it. The amount of time that Disher can limit to these deliveries is obviously dependent upon the distance that you require your delivery to be sent. We urge our customers to realize that the GTA is quite large and going from suburb to suburb can take a great deal of time. Because of this, the direct drive services are now offered in increments of completion at 60, 75, or 90 minutes.
Customers need to be made aware that those quoted times are from the time that Disher receives their call. However, we realize that the time between when the call is placed and when the courier arrives for pickup is just as important as the amount of time that the package is actually in transit.  If for some reason that direct drive service isn't going to be fast enough or if you're looking for a top speed delivery, don't forget about the Disher Courier's Screamer Service, the only option that is faster than our direct drive offerings.

We Deliver Peace of Mind! Call us at 1-800-463-1035 to schedule your courier service today.

Broker/Employee of the Month
Originally from Trinidad, Kamal has been in Canada for 23 years and now resides in the Upper Beaches area of Toronto. As a proud father of three Kamal is used to running all over the city.
There are a few things that makes Kamal great at what he does and why he is one of the best. Kamal's in depth knowledge of the city is rivaled by few, his awareness of his surroundings (traffic), imagination in his routes (he's an artist), his ability to put his clients first and understanding that doing a great job is keeping your clients happy and the pride that he takes in his work.
There is a comforting feeling knowing that Kamal is on the job. Kamal has more than earned his stripes in the past four and a half years with Disher Courier. For this, we would like to thank him and congratulate him for being "Broker of the Month" for August.

Teachers Teaching Parents

StudentMost parents aren't trained or educated in child education the way that their children's teachers are. However, gaining a little of the information that teachers have available to share can certainly help make the parents and teachers a cohesive team that is more dedicated to providing children with the best education possible.
Teachers want parents to know that they are allies, not enemies. Many times when a child complains about a teacher, parents go on the attack mode. However, simply communicating with that teacher might reveal much more about the situation. Effective communication with teachers is one of the most valuable steps that parents can take in being involved in their child's education. Of course, this means going beyond those obligatory parent - teacher interviews.
Teachers want parents to know that learning keeps happening after school lets out, but also to understand that this isn't about pressuring the child. Teachers are hoping to keep kids active in learning after hours, but also want to allow the children the leeway to make mistakes without making them feel bad about it. Showing your child that you want them to be working is helpful, but encouraging them when they do well is even more effective.
Finally, don't be afraid to give your children's teachers some encouragement. Teaching is hard work. They are trying to provide the best for your children, yet they are rarely rewarded for their efforts. Letting the principal know if your teacher is doing a great job is a good way of thanking them for all their hard work.

Six Toronto Events

Sometimes there is no better way to enjoy the time you're spending in a city than to take in some of the local events, festivals, or conferences that the city plays host to. These events are often given a great deal of attention by the city as well as the sponsors and producers in order to make sure that they are as enjoyable as possible. Here are six suggestions for events in Toronto that you should definitely check out if you are interested in any of their subject areas:
Festival of Care Giving Annual Conference: This is a symposium focusing on the needs of caring for the disabled, and is a must attend if you work in the care giving industry, or if you have people with special needs within your family. It takes place the first weekend of June annually.

National Women's Show: November at the Toronto Convention Center you can enjoy shopping, dining, massage, entertainment and more.

Wedgwood Exhibit - A great exhibit that takes place every year at the ROM in June. The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the premiere attractions in the city, and this exhibit is one of its best.
Royal Agricultural Winter Fair: This November event features, among other events, an Equestrian fair that is fun for the whole family.

Diamond Show - Another ROM exhibit, this one takes place in March and will allow you to witness some of the world's most spectacular diamonds.

Porcelain Show - Anyone who has ever appreciated or collected fine porcelain will love this show, which takes place in December at the Toronto Convention Center.
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