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Newsletter November 2008

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Your Courier Source  November 2008 
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Did You Know?
What is Your Wow Factor?
Disher Courier Customer Spotlight: FB Canada Express
Toronto Ontario - Home to the Gardiner Museum
1. Victoria Woodhull (1838-1927) was the first woman to run for office of US President. She and her sister were the first women to run a Wall Street brokerage (1870).

2. Franklin D. Roosevelt had the longest term of office: 12 years. Roosevelt had three vice presidents serve during his four terms: John Nance Garner (1933-1941), Henry Wallace (1941-1945), Harry Truman (1945).

3. Only Richard Nixon served two terms as Vice President and also was elected to two terms as President.

4. The candidate who ran the most times was Norman Thomas. He ran six times from 1928 and didn't win any. Thomas ran for presidency in 1928, 1932, 1936, 1940, 1944 and 1948.

5. The US Presidential candidate with the highest popular vote ever was Ronald Reagan. In 1984 he secured 54,455,075 votes.
countries that do are mostly old British colonies.

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What is Your Wow Factor?

Wow Factor
When was the last time that you had such a great customer experience that all you could say was, Wow!"? Maybe it was an extraordinarily expensive excursion, or a trip to some exotic place. Or perhaps it was in some little shop where the fantastic experience was completely unexpected. Unfortunately, those experiences are far and few in between. But does that have to be the case?
So now look at your business. Do your clients have a fantastic experience each time they come to you? Do you have a WOW factor?
You may say, "But there's nothing about my business that can have a WOW factor." Please, stop with the lame excuses.
Think of it, a WOW factor does not have to be exotic. It can be as simple as returning a call promptly when everyone else in your industry takes days. It could be as funny as the scale calibration company that leaves a chocolate bar on each completed scale with a note saying, "this scale is perfectly calibrated because the chocolate bar weighs (whatever the weight on the label says)." Or it could be as far out as the dentist whose staff greets you at the door, brings you to your own waiting room (with your name on it), and serves you your favorite tea or coffee in Royal Doulton china. FYI: the last two examples are real.
The most important thing is to use your imagination. Think of what your clients would absolutely love. In fact, it will probably have nothing to do with your product or service. Of course, you need to make sure that everything surrounding your core business is at mastery level, including the back end of billing and collections.
Ask yourself this: if my business were a high end spa or a luxury cruise, what would it be like? How would it be to enter the doors? How would every shopper be treated?
The obvious benefit of each experience with your business having a WOW factor is that you will have thrilled customers. And a follow-up benefit is that they will tell their friends about you. They won't just tell them, they will insist that all of their friends try your business. They will become raving fans. How great would it be to have all of your best customers out there selling for you?
Caution: You need to keep your ideas fresh. What was once a WOW factor will eventually be yesterday's news. Make it fun by getting your team in on the imagining. Have contests for best WOW idea. Implement one at a time.
It doesn't matter if you are a hair salon or a CPA, there can always be a WOW factor. All you have to do is find it. If you don't, your competition probably will.
Author: Tim Dollmeyer


Disher Courier Customer Spotlight: FB Canada Express

Customer Service
FB Express ( offers 24/7 same day delivery service in Canada. FB Express has clients in several industries including aircraft, film, and pharmaceuticals to name just a few. Michele Kamerling of FB Express has been using Disher Courier for about 3 years. Disher Courier supports FB Express by picking up from their warehouse and other locations and delivering to different locations. In Michele's words, "I can turn my back on them [Disher]. They are #1".
FB Express has used many other couriers in the past but Disher always exceeds their expectations. The drivers are extremely courteous and clean and Michele is always kept informed about the status of the shipments. According to Michele, "Disher sets an example of how a courier company should be run. Disher sets the standards in the courier and messenger industry." She is absolutely thrilled with the professional service that Disher consistently provides. She is very comfortable with Disher's competitive rates that reflect the high level of service that they provide. Disher's couriers are reliable, proactive and responsive, and this sets them apart from their competition. Michele has recommended them to others and will continue to do so. Michele looks forward to continued business relations with Disher.
We Deliver Peace Of Mind! For all your courier and logistics needs, call us at 905-450-3844.

Toronto Ontario - Home to the Gardiner Museum

MuseumAs Canada's largest metropolis, Toronto is home to some of the highest end and most exciting recreational and shopping opportunities in the nation. In fact, when you visit the city, it seems as though you can never run out of things to do. One area in which Toronto can boast being unique in the nation is in the display of ceramic arts; the Gardiner Museum, located on Queen's Park Drive, is the only museum in the nation of Canada dedicated to the display of ceramic arts.


The museum was conceived and built by Canadian philanthropists George and Helen Gardiner. The owner of a large Toronto stock brokerage firm (which he built himself), George and his wife Helen had long been interested in the art of ceramic. Their collection began in 1976, with a focus on aesthetically refined pieces from the Ancient Americas, 18th century Europe, and China. The Gardiners opened the museum in 1984, with the hope that it would contribute to the worldwide appreciation and understanding of the world's oldest art form.

The Gardiners received the Order of Canada for their contributions in this and other areas. Prior to his death at age 80, George Gardiner donated a $15 million endowment, which allowed the museum to gain its independence from the Royal Ontario Museum. Using this new autonomy, the museum saw its attendance more than double, and was able to undergo extensive renovations in 2006.

The Gardiner Museum today

Today, the Gardiner Museum remains dedicated to the joy, wonder and passion of ceramic art. The museum itself includes several studios where artists can develop their craft, as well as the numerous displays put up every year. In addition, the Museum provides a base and funds for ongoing research into ceramic art and scholarships for those wishing to pursue a productive career on this creative path.

The Museum has a very impressive collection of pieces, with over 2900 in all. The ceramics on display and in the archives include works from the Gardiner's original collection and their preferred origins as well as pieces from Japan, the Italian Renaissance, and a contemporary gallery.

Clay classes and displays of private collections are also held at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, further supporting this most ancient and widespread of art forms. If you are in the area, this unique Museum is definitely worth a look.

Author: Leaftech

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