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Your Courier Source  December 2008 
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Is Canada Headed for a Recession?
Disher Courier Conscientious of times
Toronto Cruises - A Great Way to Celebrate the Holidays
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Is Canada Headed for a Recession?

Many people in Canada and abroad are worrying about the possibility of the looming recession in Canada. There are a number of foreign investors that are eying the country warily; as if not quite sure of the direction the Canadian economy is going to turn in the coming months.  Yet, as the rest of the world has been sinking into a clear recession, including the United States and most of Europe, Canada has seemingly been able to hang on in slightly better condition than many of these countries. However, many people in the country itself are wondering, along with those foreign investors, just what is coming next. 
Although Canada is certainly sharing in many of the economic crises that are shaping global events, such as a failing auto sector, there are many other areas where the country's past and present actions are giving it a better outlook than many of its trading partners around the world. For example, one of the worst problems involved in the American financial crisis involves the credit crisis that has been created because of sub-prime mortgages. Because of the push for these types of mortgages, more than 20% of the market in the past years in the United States was based on Sub-Prime mortgages. In Canada, that number is more like 2%, which causes a much more stable environment in general. 
Also, despite the dropping prices of oil, the Alberta oil sands are still producing massive amounts of profit for that province. In addition, Saskatchewan is seeing a rapid expansion in their oil industry, and is growing faster than any other province in the country. This, of course, points to strong sectors within the country that are helping to stabilize the overall economy in relation to the problems that are being suffered by other countries. 
The truth is that we are in the midst of a more or less global recession, and very few countries in the western world are going to be left completely unscathed by the crisis. However, out of all of those countries, there is almost nowhere that is as well positioned as Canada to weather the storm with a minimum of damage, and that will be as quick to recover when the current crisis passes. 
Disher Courier -
Conscientious Of Times
Disher Courier is doing their part to help customers during these tough economic times. We believe in maintaining an open relationship with our customers and would like them to understand exactly what they are paying for when they receive their bill for Disher Courier services. 

Our customer is the absolute focus of everything that we do. With the struggles of today, one of the services that our customers can avail of is our discounted Fedex Third Party Services. Disher customers now have a discount available to them on Fedex Services that can range from 10% all the way up to 25%; depending on the terms and specifics of the delivery. Disher re-invoices the customer after applying the discount, passing the savings along to the customer every time the FedEx services are utilized. 
One of the realities surrounding the courier business is fuel surcharge. The fuel surcharge is a legitimate representation of the current fuel price. There is no attempt to offset other costs or fees by raising the fuel surcharge. Instead, it is directly derived from the current gas prices. The fuel surcharge amount is taken from the invoice amount and passed along to the drivers who face the added burden of cost when refilling their vehicles. At Disher Courier, we value our drivers' attention to quality and punctuality, and feel that they should not have to bear the cost of rising fuel prices. The fuel surcharge is indeed a true reflection of the fluctuating gas prices.
We Deliver Peace Of Mind! For all your courier and logistics needs, call Disher Courier at 905-450-3844.

Toronto Cruises - A Great Way to Celebrate the Holidays 

Toronto is a beautiful city, and many area residents and frequent guests will agree that the best way to view the city is from the water. Where else can you get spectacular views of the CN Tower and the skyline? But Toronto cruises aren't just for the summer months.
Can you imagine celebrating Christmas on a cruise in Toronto Harbor? What about ringing in the New Year aboard a New Year's Eve Toronto cruise?
Toronto area residents have long understood that there are unconventional and fun ways to celebrate the holidays while still maintaining the traditions we all love. Check out some of these great holiday cruise ideas!
Christmas on the Water
A new idea for those who love to host holiday parties is to hold your party aboard a Toronto cruise ship. Generally able to seat smaller parties all the way up to 300 guests or more, these cruises provide an excellent venue for a holiday party to remember.
Cruise ships are fully heated, making them warm and cozy for clients and staff. Even large families have been known to host holiday get-togethers on the water. In addition, holiday cruises are a popular way to celebrate the holiday season as a couple or a family. Shared events provide a chance for smaller groups to join in the fun without chartering an entire cruise ship.
Views of the Toronto skyline provide a festive backdrop to a tasty chef-prepared meal. Toronto residents and visitors are learning that it's just more fun to celebrate the holidays on the water than to sit at home and celebrate Christmas the standard way.
Many people who have experienced the holidays or any other special occasion aboard a Toronto cruise say that the experience is one they will never forget. The gorgeous views, delicious cuisine, and friendly staff make Toronto cruises one of the best ways to celebrate the holidays in style.
Author: Amy Nutt
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